aliso canyon houses and community with blue overlay and air monitoring device
UCLA has completed recruitment for the Indoor-Outdoor Air Sampling Study.


  • The Aliso Canyon Disaster Health Research Study is a UCLA-led research study on the health impacts of 2015–2016 Aliso Canyon gas well blowout disaster.
  • The study will examine short- and long-term health effects of people living and working in the communities near where the disaster occurred.

About Air Monitoring

  • UCLA will select study participants to host several air quality monitors inside and outside their homes for a total of four weeks (across two two-week sampling periods) and complete a survey about their home and surrounding environment.
  • Participation in the research study is voluntary.
  • Data collected from homes will help researchers better understand community exposures during and after the disaster.

To be eligible for selection, participants must:

  • Live in the north San Fernando Valley or southeast Ventura County.
  • Be at least 18 years of age and live in a non-smoking home.
  • Consent to a site visit to determine eligibility to enroll in the study.

We are no longer accepting applications for the Air Monitoring study.

Enroll in the UCLA Indoor-Outdoor Air Sampling Study and receive $100 for your participation!

You will receive a total of $100 in Amazon gift cards:

+ $25 for the first sampling and

+ $75 upon completion of the second sampling

Option to participate in gas line sampling for an additional $150.

Funding was provided in full by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and secured through a consent decree agreement between the County of Los Angeles, County Counsel for the County of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles City Attorney, the California Attorney General, and the California Air Resources Board with SoCal Gas. The contents do not represent the official views or policies of the State, County, or City.